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Additional Conditions for Mares Bred with Transported Cooled Semen

1. The Stallion Service Fee and shipping fee must be paid in full prior to shipment.. Payment is U.S. funds, credit card, certified or cashiers check only. The stallion service fee will be evidenced by signature on the attached Breeding Contract.

2. The lab fee shall be $250 per shipment. The lab fee includes semen collection/packaging, Fed Ex Overnight delivery and a bio-flite disposable container. 

3. If shipment by counter to counter air transport is required, there will be an additional $100 courier charge. 


4. Semen collections and shipments are performed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule. Semen arrivals depend on the shipping company, but are scheduled for any day except for Sundays. Sundays would require airport service. Depending on availability, each semen shipment will contain one or two bags of semen for inseminations during the same heat cycle.

5. Hagen Quarter Horses is not responsible for the handling process after it leaves Hagen Quarter Horses. If for any reason an additional shipment is required, all normal fees will apply. The Owner bears all risk of loss or damage to the mare whether by death, disease,

injury, infection or otherwise and by an cause whatsoever, including inappropriate, untimely or negligent inseminations or failure of insemination.. The Mare Owner therefore releases, discharges, indemnifies, and holds Hagen Quarter Horses harmless for

any liability for any and all damages associated therewith. The Mare Owner agrees to pay all expenses and attorneys fees incurred by Hagen Quarter Horses in defending any claims for which the Mare Owner have agreed to release, discharge, indemnify, and hold Hagen Quarter Horses harmless.

6. Breeder s responsibility is to ship semen in viable condition to the mare owner. The mare must be inseminated immediately on the date of delivery by a licensed veterinarian. The semen may be used for the designated mare only.

7. Stallion has been DNA typed. The semen has been analyzed and tested and is free from infectious disease. Sperm count, motility, collection and packaging procedures meet and/or exceed industry standards.

8. Request for semen must be received by 10 p.m. the night prior to shipping, and for a regularly scheduled breeding day. Weekend deliveries are subject to scheduling availability. All requests for semen shipments shall be filled as received, subject to availability. If there is insufficient semen to fill all orders on a given day, the farm veterinarian will determine which orders are to be honored. This decision will be based

on information provided by the purchasers veterinarian.

9. If the mare fails to conceive via cooled semen, they may be serviced at Hagen Quarter Horses prior to June 15th of the contract year or the following breeding season.

10. Responsibility for insurance and risk of loss passes to the mare owner with this contract. Owner assumes the unavoidable risks inherent in all horse-related activities: including, but not limited to the semen, shipping container, owners horse(s), owner, and family members. Owner agrees to look solely to his insurance for compensation for any such loss, and further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the stallion breeder, agents, veterinarians, employees, and family.

11. Mare owner further agrees that contract is made and entered into the County of Ellis, the State of Texas, and that it shall be interpreted, enforced and transacted under the laws of said state, and within the designated county, regardless of the manner of breeding solicitation.

12. Mare owners signature on this contract that he/she has read and fully understands all of the terms and conditions outlined herein, and accepts this contract as a legal and binding instrument on behalf of the owner, owner s heirs, successors and assigns. This agreement, along with the accompanying stallion service contract, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. No other agreements, whether verbal or implied, are included. This contract may not be transferred or assigned.

.13. Canadian shipment will be an additional $50.  

.14. Pick up at the farm is $100.

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